Wholesale healthy whole grains for weight loss


Retain control of the customer relationship and market the products under your white label brand name. You’ll be able to set prices and profits you wish to achieve. Your team will be responsible for how you interact with your future customers but don't forget Century Farm Foods will be there to support you.

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Groceries healthy whole grains


Partnership with Century Farm Foods guarantees access to an industry efficient distribution network. Keeping you stocked with pulses and grains 100% Canadian, Eco Friendly and Kosher.

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Healthy cooking recipes

Restaurants & Catering

Century Farm Foods is a leader among pulses and grains and makes a great parner in servicing the restaurant and catering industry across all regions.

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Special Events with Whole grains

Special Events

Include Century Farm Foods at your next special event and let us help you be the talk of the town.

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  • Eco Friendly Whole Grain
  • Kosher Whole Grains
  • Rich in Iron Whole Grains
  • High Fiber whole Grains

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