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Over a century ago when Dallas Moneo’s grandparents homesteaded in the Assiniboia area, they sowed their first seed, hoping to see enough of a crop to pay the bills and stay on the land. That first crop in their back yard would either spell out a promising future or send them packing.

They tilled their soul into the soil, and harvested the pride of a job well-done and a wholesome lifestyle. Over time, crops flourished, and failed in cycles, but his ancestors - like so many pioneers -  persevered. Markets opened up far and wide and the necessity of growing your own food declined as crops prospered and insurance companies sprouted. While the agricultural industry still depends on foreign markets, the trend of home-grown food has become popular once again.

Century Farm Foods believes in Eco Friendly products, Kosher and 100% Canadian and most of all believes in helping consumer eat healthy.

With our recent partnership with Green and Gold, Century Farm Foods is dedicated to providing access worldwide to Eco Friendly pulses and grains.

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Our Mission

Century Farms is proud to offer a product that is grown on their own family farm in the Assiniboia area. We have done extensive consumer studies and believe we are offering a superior product with traceability and family values.

We have plans to expand our product line to include yellow peas, green peas, pearled barley, durum, canola oil and pulse flours. We want to be the brand that consumers recognize and trust in the market place.

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Dallas's Corner

Southern Saskatchewan Farmer, love for producing top quality pulses and grains while enjoying cooking up storm with his family. Follow Dallas's exciting journey with Century Farm Foods and see what's next.

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Cooking with Dallas

Discover home made recipe cooked with Dallas Moneo.

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Farming grains and pulses in extreme Canadian winter

Farming with Dallas

Follow us and discover Tips and Tricks of farming. I bet you never knew that unloading silos..

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